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Meet The Team


Ehrich Pakala

Founder/Director Data Science

Ehrich is also our visionary and Chief Helper, wearing many hats while working both in and on the company.


Stephen Bowser

Senior Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Stephen is the subject matter expert on all our machine learning products in addition to serving as a financial strategist.


Lucas Kraus

Director of Technology

Lucas is the mastermind behind the Pack Moose cloud infrastructure and a critical thought-leader in product development.


Alyx Sandbothe

Senior UX/UI Designer

Alyx oversees the user experience and interface design for our products, in addition to designing the Pack Moose brand and website.


Randy Kies

Client Solutions Architect

Randy is a problem-solving engineer for customers. He works closely with clients to ensure they are using precisely the right solution for their needs.

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Jason Thompson

Senior Marketing Designer

Jason is the guru of visual communication. He creates product branding and marketing materials that bridge the gap between tech-talk and conceptual understanding.

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